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Jun 28, 2021

Sharon Kruder and her husband, Captain Todd Kruder, US Navy Retired, talk about the fog of depression. Sharon and Todd share their story to help others realize they’re not alone. Also, this interview offers a unique opportunity to learn about how Sharon handles living with her husband who suffers from depression. Furthermore, you’ll learn about Sharon’s strength and determination to save the life of her spouse. Finally, this interview offers a compelling story of relentless perseverance and hope.


Episode Highlights:


  • First Todd talks about why he spoke out about his depression when he was a Navy Captain on active duty.
  • Next, Sharon talks about what it's like living with her husband, Todd.
  • After that, Todd describes what it's like to live with depression.
  • Todd explains, as best he can, what it's like to be depressed.
  • Next Emily asks Sharon why she stays in the marriage.
  • Sharon talks about how she reaches out to friends and family for support.
  • Todd talks about what triggers his depression.
  • Sharon explains what it was like when Todd returned from deployment.
  • Also, they tried couples therapy but it didn't help.
  • Work causes distraction for Todd. When he has down time, it's hard for him.
  • Next, Emily asks Sharon how she kept their family together. Sharon and Todd have 5 children.
  • Todd says he would not be alive if Sharon had left him. Sharon is the hero.
  • Furthermore, depression is an enemy that knows you very well.
  • Todd has been diagnosed with treatment resistant depression.
  • Next, Sharon talks about surviving single parenting 5 children when Todd was on deployment.
  • Depression has taken away moments that should have been joyful for Todd.
  • Todd obtained a degree in Clinical/Medical Social Work after he retired from the Navy.
  • Helping others is Todd's therapy but he can't help himself.
  • Finally, if one person hears this episode and gets help, Todd will have accomplished his goal for this interview.


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