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Jul 19, 2021

Carey Bellino empowers English language learners to communicate with impact. As an American English Accent and Communication Coach, Carey is the owner of Upward Communication. Furthermore, she applies methods from her background in speech-language pathology to help people produce the sounds and intonation of the American English communication style. Also, Carey guides her clients toward their goals of being more effective communicators. She does this by using evidence from research in the areas of adult learning, language, neuroscience, social cognition, and counseling.

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Carey explains the kind of work she does as an American English Accent and Communication Coach.
  • Then, Carey explains why she chose this profession.
  • Next, Carey explains her business model and the types of clients she supports.
  • Carey offers suggestions for how to address listener bias.
  • Also, having an accent isn’t a problem, but feeling insecure about how you speak or being left out of a conversation is.
  • Emily realizes that she doesn't remember this being discussed in the Diversity and Inclusion Training she's received.
  • Carey then talks about avoiding the cost of miscommunication in global companies.
  • Emily asks how employers should prepare their employees when they bring employees on who don’t speak English as their primary language. 
  • it’s important for upper management to model desired behavior.
  • Carey says its important to be empathetic and more understanding when working with people who’ve learned several languages and may not speak english clearly.
  • Finally, Emily reveals that she and Carey are cousins!

Resources Mentioned: