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Jul 12, 2021

Onward Podcast Host, Emily Harman talks about why she wants to help you create a life you love living. After putting everything and everyone else first, Emily finally decided to put herself first. Consequently, she learned how to recognize her feelings, to live in flow, to quiet her mind, and to BE. Now, as a coach, Emily helps others create a life they love living.

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily shares that she’s starting to find her voice and share her story.
  • Usually Emily interviews other guests and doesn’t share a lot about herself.
  • Next Emily shares some interesting facts about her childhood.
  • Then Emily starts to become more and more vulnerable as she shares her story.
  • Next, Emily reveals what motivated her to decide to make some changes in her life.
  • Ultimately, Emily created a life she loves living.
  • Now Emily helps others do the same.
  • Next Emily reveals the changes she’s made in her life with the help of coaches.
  • Practicing mindfulness is one of the transformational changes Emily made in her life.
  • Also, Emily is practicing Tai Chi and taking guitar lessons.
  • Finally, Emily is living more in flow.
  • In addition, Emily recommends everyone work with a coach.
  • After that, Emily explains why practicing gratitude is so important. 
  • Finally, we all deserve to create a life we love living! 
  • Reach out to Emily if you’re interested in learning more about her coaching services.

Resources Mentioned: