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Apr 27, 2020

Clear the Blocks and Master Your Life!


Transformational coach, Angie Swartz, advises us to create our own personal board of directors. Angie is a life, business and career coach, and the founder of Life Purpose Advisor. As such, Angie helps clients identify and clear the blocks that are in the way of mastering their life. Furthermore, whether you’re on a professional journey or a personal one (she finds it’s often both), she uses her 25+ years business experience, heart-centered coaching methods, mindfulness practices, and energy healing to help clients realize and awaken their full potential.


In addition, Angie is an accomplished speaker, trainer, podcaster, and author. Finally, Angie’s mission is to empower people to create happy lives and meaningful careers that allow them to contribute to the greater good of the world and raise the collective consciousness. Listen and learn how to clear the blocks and master your life and how having your own personal board of directors can help.

Episode Highlights:

  • First Angie talks about the types of clients she supports. 
  • She loves to help people who aren’t happy in their career and know there’s something else for them. 
  • Then she she gives examples of catalysts that are telling us we need to grow.
  • For example, we might recognize it as feeling uncomfortable.
  • Next, Emily asks Angie how we know when time to get help - to hire a coach.
  • Angie replies that we should all have coaches/mentors - our own personal board of directors.
  • When we create own personal board of directors we should consider adding the following types of helpers to the board: coach, therapist, mentor, etc 
  • Furthermore, if we have the spots on our personal board of directors filled, we know we can pick up the phone when we need them.
  • Next, Emily and Angie discuss how the coronavirus is enabling us to rethink our lives and be more conscious about how we want to live.
  • Angie shares that most of her clients are going through some big change and reevaluating their lives.
  • Then Emily talks about how she overworks to avoid pain most likely - to make herself feel comfortable.
  • Angie recommends the book Radical Acceptance - Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach
  • Also, Angie explains that we need to pay attention to what we do in times of stress. 
  • Furthermore, many times the actions we take are the result of something that happened in childhood. 
  • We need to be open and trust that if we look at a dark place of life, we will be ok.
  • We need to clear these blocks and master our lives.
  • Emily discusses building the Onward Movement and how helpful it was to work with a coach. 
  • After that, Angie shares why she got into this line of work, especially when she had a great corporate job, plenty of money, and material possessions. 
  • In addition she reveals that she experienced a ”dark night of the soul” time in her life.
  • Her mentor became her teacher and Angie learned tools energy healing etc.
  • In other words, she  started drinking through the fire hose of personal development.
  • Next, Emily discusses the challenges of single parenting and how hard it was before the internet to get counseling and find help.
  • Angie shares how, through the internet, she leads meditations with her students from all over the country and she has coached people all over the world.
  • After that, Angie tells us the tips she would give to someone facing adversity. One: invest time in understanding ourselves; Two: spend time developing a daily practice - Three: Build your personal board of directors and rely on them to support you and help you see the light when you can’t.
  • Angie describes her new project: Mastering Happy at Work. She talks about this at women’s empowerment groups formed by companies for furthering women’s careers.  
  • Next, Angie and Emily discuss the importance of making time to take care of ourselves.
  • Then Angie and Emily discuss their Myers Briggs evaluations and their experience at the World Domination Summit. 
  • Angie tells us we are responsible for our own happiness and that we can make change with an intention and a little bit of time every week.
  • Furthermore, feeling being stuck and not able to move forward is a fallacy - its not real.
  • Emily discusses some questions that came up in the Onward Movement group and gets Angie’s take on the issues. 
  • Then Angie talks about her Life Purpose Advisor Podcast. Her 55 interviews contain rich discussions with leaders and world difference makers around their own journeys and finding their purpose. 
  • After that, Angie shares a coaching experience she gave one of her clients and the outcome. 
  • She also explains that we may think we know the problem but if we dig deeper we will probably find that’s not really the problem. 
  • A coach can hold space for you and hold up a mirror to help you see better.
  • Also. Angie loves to work with entrepreneurs - combining the business and personal side.
  • Finally, in her closing remarks, Angie reminds us to look at what makes us happy, what brings joy. Sometimes we need to slow down to catch up. Also, we need to give ourselves permission to not be so productive. In other words, make all decisions based on joy; be gentle with ourselves.
  • Your personal board of directors can help. You can clear the blocks and master your life

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