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Aug 23, 2021

Raquel Borras encourages you to embrace your inner child as an adult! Raquel is the Founder of RAQVISION powered by XXO Connect! Furthermore, RAQVISION is THE youth 17 and under safe social network for our future Creators, Innovators, Disruptors, Changemakers and Educators to project their voice. In addition, Raquel started her own YouTube Channel called 'Raq the Boat' . And, on this show, she has candid conversations with kids of all ages! Furthermore, her goal is to empower these kids and have them walk away feeling special, worthy, seen and most importantly...........heard! 


In addition, in this interview, Raquel shares that she suffered from Clinical Depression and attempted suicide as a teenager. Because of that experience, she’s now a Mental Health Advocate and speaks on Podcasts and Livestreams about overcoming depression and being able to thrive! Finally, listen and learn how you can embrace your inner child as an adult!

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