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Jun 8, 2020

A Personal Development Journey


Elena Hutt helps women find their voice, embrace their uniqueness, and tell their story. Furthermore, in this episode, Elena shares her personal development journey. After quitting her job and getting married a little over a year ago, Elena started traveling the world with her husband and 9 year old son. However, what sounded like a dream come true, ended up being a horribly abusive and domestically violent relationship. Consequently, Elena had to leave the relationship. Thanks to the personal development techniques and her self healing process, Elena was able to rewrite her story. In other words, she transformed her negative experiences into positive lessons. In other words, she didn’t let her negative experiences define her. Now, Elena she helps mindful (and awesome) women, find their voice, embrace their uniqueness and clear their message. Thus enabling them to to authentically connect with their audience and share their talents with the world.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily starts the episode by how she’s holding space for the long suppressed voices of people of color. 
  • In addition Emily shares the actions she’s taking to become part of the solution to disassemble systemic racism.
  • Then, Emily introduces her guest, Elena. 
  • Emily and Elena start talking about Costa Rica as that’s where Elena lives.
  • After that, Elena shares her background and how she became a Story Teller .
  • Story telling applies to one one one clients - change their own personal story
  • In addition, Elena shares her search for happiness and her self development journey.
  • Also, Elena shares that hard stuff will happen and how we decide to go through it is important. Laughter helps her.
  • Elena shares the actions she took once she learned she was in an abusive relationship, co-dependent relationship.
  • Then she shares what happened when shared her story on social media.. 
  • Her story gave her strength and she learned the power of her story.
  • People started reaching out to Elena sharing their similar experiences.
  • This gave Elena a purpose.
  • After that, Elena shares her world travel experience.
  • Emily asks Elena how she left her comfort zone to travel the world. 
  • Elena shares that she started questioning everything when she was younger looking for “that thing” that little piece that was missing.
  • She discovered what was missing wasn’t happiness - it was purpose.
  • Once Elena found her purpose, everything made sense.
  • Purpose stays with you and keeps you going every single day.   
  • Self worth self love and purpose will bring you satisfaction.
  • You have to responsibly take action for your own happiness.
  • Go inwards and find what makes you happy and has meaning in life.
  • The Heroes journey - applies to every story - even your own. Elena  explains the heroes journey and that the cycle applies to every story.
  • Elena helps people find their WHY. She helps them uncover the layers of their story.
  • Also, she helps them dig  for nuggets of wisdom and then t transfer them to your story. 
  • There’s a power in words. Our words define our reality. We must  be careful of the words we choose.
  • Next Elena discusses the healing techniques she uses with her clients.
  • Many of her clients let go and are brought to tears as they release their stories.
  • It’s important not to do this  by ourselves.  We can cheat ourselves — give ourselves an out. 
  • Share with others - people who give you perspective. Sharing is the key to overcoming anything that’s human. 
  • Finally, it’s up to you to rescue yourself. You’re your own hero. You’re your own savior.


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