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Jun 10, 2019

Emily Harman, host of Onward Podcast interviews Robin Finney, Solo World Traveler, Nomad, Travel Designer, and Empowerment Coach. Robin shares her story of leaving her corporate job of over a decade to follow her travel dreams. She recently visited 11 countries and 4 continents.


Episode Highlights:

  • What finally made Robin feel confident enough to follow her dreams?
  • Why is having a life coach important?
  • When Robin left her job, what was her plan?
  • Did Robin fear for her life or feel lonely when traveling alone?  
  • What is the most exciting thing Robin has done on her travels?
  • Robin describes her international photo shoots.
  • What was it like traveling in Patagonia?
  • Why did Robin Finney establish Wandering Aunt?
  • What types of support does Robin have as she pursues her dreams?
  • How does Robin Finney remain committed to her plans?
  • What is an Enneagram test?
  • What do clients receive in the exploratory coaching calls offered by Robin?


3 Key Points:

  1. Slow down and listen to your heart.
  2. Trust your instincts, your body, and your mind, and own your skills and know your worth.
  3. Have an accountability plan/partner to keep yourself on track.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “It’s easy to talk and complain and say that you want to do something different. It’s hard to do something about it.” – Emily Harman
  • “I look at this time of being grounded as a gift and it has allowed me to kind of take a step back from everything and see exactly what it is that I am creating.” – Robin Finney
  • “I am a yoga teacher and I love participating in yoga classes because it is your own individual practice, but you are in the room with other people.” – Robin Finney


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