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Mar 29, 2021

Nathen Aaren helps heart centered entrepreneurs merge all of their passions into one life mission to plan, fund, and build their dream business. Also, he’s raised over 1 million dollars per client and worked with many Fortune 500 companies and Grammy Award winning artists. After being homeless, Nathen became an agent and landed his first 7 figure investment for a client. This experience allowed him to create a reality series, “Chasing My Dreams”. 

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Nathen talks about his goal to help someone with this interview - to change the trajectory of someone's life.
  • Then, Nathen talks about how he went from homeless to landing his first 7 figure investment for a client.
  • Nathen started his first business at age 14 and moved to LA  when he was 17 to intern for Simon Cowell.
  • Nathan thought he would become a millionaire.
  • Then, life happened.
  • In hindsight, Nathen’s people pleasing tendencies enabled others to take advantage of him.
  • Next, Nathen shares the action his mom took that changed the trajectory of his life.
  • His reality series Chasing My Dreams details what happened.
  • He ended up moving to San Francisco and became homeless.
  • Nathen got locked out of the car he was living in during an ice storm.
  • Ultimately, he ended up sleeping in a warehouse.
  • The judge in his mind kept telling him something was wrong with him.
  • Then, one thought caught his attention. "If I could only find someone to cut me a check."
  • Nathen said he knew he could be successful.
  • Looking at the worst scenarios in your life and finding similarities and then doing the same with good scenarios is helpful for discovering patterns.
  • Nathen could have asked for help but he didn't want to inconvenience anyone.
  • Next, Nathen talks about his "beginners luck".
  • Getting funding is the #1 thing to help people become successful.
  • Also, people need a few years to get their business to a point where it takes off.
  • Emily asks how Nathen helps people get money.
  • Nathen talks about the passion needed to start your own business.
  • Furthermore, many people have unrealistic expectations when starting their business.
  • Consistency and persistence are key.
  • Business ADD, or taking on too many projects, can actually hold a new small business owner back.
  • Also, before you start, get really clear on what you want and whether you're committed.
  • Can you do it for 3-5 years, even if you don't make money right away?
  • Next, Nathen describes his Three Day Week Club concept.
  • Don't choose a career if you're going to go for your dream job and Nathen explains why.
  • Your paradigms can hold you back from creating the business of your dreams.
  • Ask yourself - "what if it were possible?"
  • Everyone needs a coach - even coaches. 
  • Also, coaches help us to stay motivated, focused, and see our blind spots.
  • Get to a place where you won't allow your inner critic tell you what's possible or not possible.
  • Your energy must match what you want for your dream business.
  • Nathen explains how he vets people to be in his Dream Business Network.
  • Text Nathen to get in touch with him at (310) 807-1998.
  • Meeting people is part of Nathen's dream business.
  • Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
  • Finally, at a low point in his life, Nathen became really lucky.

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