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Sep 11, 2019

Emily Harman, host of Onward Podcast, interviews TShane Johnson, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Corporate Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, and Marine Corps Veteran. Every year TShane hikes across America as a Motivational Keynote Speaker to Inspire the Homeless, Veterans, Communities, and raise awareness about Veteran suicides. His journey has covered over 7,000 Miles, 20 states, speaking in 60 plus cities, passing out over 10,000 Hygiene kits to those in need and raising over $150,000 in non profit funds in 65 days. TShane also successfully operates three businesses, and is a #1 Best Selling Author.


Episode Highlights: 


  • Emily Harman introduces TShane Johnson
  • TShane Johnson shares how he went from being a Marine to an entrepreneur and performing charity work. 
  • What is “The Unstoppable Tour” all about? 
  • What is it about TShane that made him take action when he saw a homeless man needing help? 
  • How long did TShane serve in the Marine Corps and where did he serve? 
  • TShane discusses getting robbed and severely beaten by gang members. 
  • TShane shares what he learned by talking to homeless people across the United States.
  • TShane shares his recommendation for addressing homelessness.
  • Does TShane think he will ever run for political office? 
  • What is the biggest surprise - something he didn't expect - while on these long walks? 
  • TShane discusses “The Unstoppable Tour” and how he is training for the tour..  
  • What actions should Onward Podcast listeners take to help spread TShane Johnson’s message?
  • Emily and TShane discuss the challenges parents face in working and raising children.


3 Key Points:

  1. Struggle can make you strong. Adversity is the greatest teacher of all. 
  2. Find a cause and take action. Talk to people to gain perspective and shape your actions.
  3. Politicians don’t resolve problems. It starts with the family. Put your family first, before social media likes or making tons of money. Know who you are. Money isn’t everything, family is. 


Tweetable Quotes:

  • Adversity is the greatest teacher of all. People do try to avoid it. I have this saying, ‘We purchase pleasure for our inability to endure pain.’” – TShane Johnson
  • “Homelessness is outdated. It needs to be rebranded because what happens is that we lump it into a complete group and it’s actually broken up into segments. Many of us are one crisis away from being homeless.” – TShane Johnson
  • “We need to stop blaming everybody else - just start at home. Dads, when you wake up, hug that little nugget. Love them, kiss them, tell them they’re important, annoy them, do all of the things that they don’t like because one day they’ll really appreciate it! Paint your fingernails, put makeup on….who cares, show her that she is important and she’ll never have to search for that from someone else. She will always feel full.” – TShane Johnson

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