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Sep 28, 2020

Advice from a Pioneer in the Health & Wellness Space:


Udo Erasmus was born to a family of 6 on a 'confiscated' farm during World War II in Europe where his family lost everything twice. Also, he was a war refugee--fleeing from the fire power of the Communists and Allies alike. Consequently, fear, anxiety and terror were constant companions. He lived without electricity, running water, radio or TV. Ultimately, it took six years after the war ended and then finally Udo's family was able to emigrate to British Columbia, Canada

After arriving in Canada, Udo would go on to combine higher education with his self-taught knowledge and life experience. Furthermore, he took the trauma of his early life and transformed it into a gift. A gift that resulted in his life work and purpose.

After a personal health crisis of pesticide poisoning in the 80s. With allopathic medicine unable to help him, Udo began studying medical research journals. Also, Udos’ background in biological sciences, biochemistry, genetics and psychology was pivotal in his discovering the benefits and fragile nature of healthy fats/oils including Omega 3’s. He made predictions that later were proven to be true.


Healthy Fats/Oil Industry:


Udo became super-inspired and found the solution. Ultimately, the result was Udo inventing the machinery to first bring FlaxSeed Oil to the market and create the current healthy fats/oil industry.

After a full recovery using healthy oils, he also went on to write the best-selling classic book, Fats That Heal Fats that Kill to share his new found knowledge with the world. In addition, he founded UDO’s CHOICE oils that are still sold in health food markets around the world and was responsible for the current healthy fats/oils industry.


Udo’s Total Sexy Health System - 8 Key Secrets:

In addition, Udo believes it is important for us to handle any outstanding emotional trauma as the first step towards healing. Also, he shares his 8 step process that takes into consideration all of the elements of whole health. These elements include our mental health, presence and awareness, our life energy, and being in harmony with nature and humanity.

Today, Udo is a treacher at Tony Robbins events (on oils) and Deepak Chopra’s events (on peace). Finally, what ever happened or happens on the outside, we are always 100% whole on the inside (in our essence).


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Udo describes growing up in Latvia.
  • He remembers the chaos and how his mom had to leave 4 of the 6 children behind. 
  • Udo ended up in an orphanage. 
  • Next Udo describes a conversation between adults that he overheard when he was 6 years old.
  • This conversation inspired his adult life. 
  • In other words, it was his driver - a defining moment. 
  • Next, Udo describes memories of his father.
  • Emily and Udo discuss how we make sense of our lives as we look back.
  • Furthermore, Udo says we can be content and the peace is still within us despite all of the challenges life brings us. 
  • Also, happiness is built into human nature. 
  • In addition, we need to go inward instead of outward to find happiness.
  • The fact that you're breathing makes you unbelievably rich.
  • Udo says, “When I was hungry I still, my heart still ached for something inside that I didn't have access to at the time."
  • Next Emily and Udo talk about trauma.
  • There’s something on the inside of us, that even in the midst of trauma, is not traumatized.  
  • Udo says it’s here within us and we can find it.
  • Also, Udo says "Everything that’s driving you, that you've been looking for on the outside, you were actually born with and its already on the inside."
  • And if you don't see it and it's like it doesn't exist only because your awareness is not looking where it is.
  • Also, "Being is more important than doing. You can be without doing but you can't do without being."
  • You are the foundation of everything. How can you live without paying attention to your foundation?
  • Next Udo shares how he was poisoned by pesticides and how he became interested in health and nutrition. 
  • Finally, Udo describes the changes in ourselves needed to save the planet. Also COVID19 brings opportunity - giving us time to reexamine how we live our lives.


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