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Nov 23, 2020

Onward Podcast guest Praveena Lakshmidurai learned to calm her mind and dig into her intuition by practicing yoga. Praveena is an Indian origin Australian who currently calls Brisbane home. She is passionate about yoga because it transformed her life and helped her get through a tough patch becoming both mentally and physically stronger. 

Although Praveena grew up practicing yoga as a child, she stopped when she moved from India to Australia to pursue higher education.Then, when her life fell apart, Praveena reintroduced yoga into her life. Yoga helps Praveena practice acceptance and forgiveness as well as release anger and other negative emotions. Furthermore, yoga is Praveena’s passion and she’s the founder of the Focus and Flow Yoga Tribe


Praveena stands out from being just another yoga teacher, because she has adopted the yoga lifestyle off the mat. Join Praveena’s tribe and embark on your own spiritual journey of self- discovery that works from the inside out. Praveena doesn’t know where yoga will take her. She just knows it will always be a part of her life. Finally, listen and learn how you can benefit from making yoga part of your life.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily and Praveena talk about how they met. 
  • Then Praveena shares her story.
  • Praveena grew up in India where yoga was an integral part of her life. 
  • Then, at 22 years old, Praveena moved to Australia to pursue higher education.
  • Next Praveena explains how she became stuck in the rat race and stopped practicing yoga.
  • Ultimately, she hit rock bottom when her marriage fell apart.
  • Divorce took toll on her mental and physical health.
  • She started feeling worthless and was filled with negative emotions and doubt.
  • In addition, her career was not going the way she wanted it to.
  • Finally, Praveena knew that she needed to make a change.
  • It was then that Praveena reintroduced yoga into her life.
  • And she started to notice subtle but lasting changes in her life.
  • In India, yoga was part of her life, as was family and community. 
  • Also, yoga helped her family stay connected in community. 
  • Praveena longed for that feeling once again
  • When she started practicing yoga in Australia, it was in a gym class and that was not the way she practiced in India. 
  • She decided to start her own yoga practice and create community by founding the Focus and Flow Yoga Tribe.
  • Praveena shares her unstoppable dream.
  • Praveena’s 10 year old son and his friends practice yoga as well. 
  • Next Praveena shares some deep breathing techniques and explains the importance of the breath. 
  • Also, yoga helps us get in touch with God, the Divine, the Universe, our authentic self.
  • Also, a little bit of practice every day goes a long way.
  • Next Praveena explains how yoga can help us be present and more aware.
  • After that, Praveena explains how her life has changed since she started practicing yoga again. 
  • Also, we can take yoga philosophies off the mat. 
  • Yoga is so much more than the poses. 
  • In addition practicing yoga helps with self reflection and enables us to shine from within. 
  • Also, the only zen you're going to find on top of a mountain is the zen you take with you. 
  • “Bhagavad Gita" is the Bible of yoga philosophy which is guidebook to living your best life.
  • And you can find that zen no matter where you go. 
  • Our body needs movement but our mind needs stillness.
  • It’s important to find a good yoga teacher, one with whom you connect.
  • What can people expect if they join Pravena's Focus and Flow Yoga Movement?
  • Finally, yoga is for everyone. Give it a try!


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