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Apr 19, 2021

In this Onward Podcast episode host Emily Harman, a transformational life and mindset coach, talks about how increasing our mental fitness can help us create a life we love living. As founder of the Onward Movement and leader of the Onward Accelerator Coaching Program, Emily helps her clients embrace authenticity and release the fear of judgment so they can create the life of their dreams with confidence. Furthermore, Emily recently completed a Mental Fitness training program for coaches and, is now able to offer this transformational program to her clients.

Note: This episode is an introduction to the principles developed by Shirzad Chamine, as presented in his New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence®. Emily is currently training with Shirzad Chamine.

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily shares her background.
  • Then she talks about her journey over the two years since she retired from federal service. 
  • Furthermore, Emily’s journey includes the passing of her children’s father, becoming an entrepreneur, hosting the Onward Podcast, and founding the Onward Movement.
  • Strengthening her mental fitness is helping Emily, and it can help you.
  • Emily’s clients fall into 1 of 3 categories.
  • Women, including female veterans, who want to transform their dreams into reality so they can create a life they love while achieving new heights of authentic success.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to position their company to accelerate results and win Government Contracts, while creating more freedom and time for themselves, relationships, and their health.
  • And empty nesters who are ready to retire and know they still have something to contribute to the world.
  • Emily helps her clients discover their dreams - in alignment with their Soul’s purpose.
  • She helps her clients develop a crystal clear picture of what they want for their life and transform it into reality.
  • Also, she helps her clients discover the patterns and habits holding them back.
  • Then, she helps them create new patterns of thought and action.
  • Emily helps her clients achieve their true potential for success and fulfillment.
  • Recently, Emily participated in a Mental Fitness Coaching Program with Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times Best Seller, Positive Intelligence®
  • Now she’s able to offer this Mental Fitness Coaching Program to her clients thanks to the generosity of Shirzad Chamine.
  • If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.   
  • If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges.   
  • Per Shirzad Chamine, 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness.   
  • Next, Emily explains the Mental Fitness Coaching Program.
  • Finally, visit Emily’s website to sign up for the Mental Fitness Coaching Program.

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