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Oct 25, 2021

AdaPia d’Errico is the author of an awesome book about how to integrate our intuition and intellect to achieve better outcomes. As a visionary leader with 20+ years of experience across countries, cultures, and corporate and start-up environments, AdaPia integrates ambition and wisdom with the highest definition of integrity. She’s co-founded businesses, launched brands, and redefined industries. Furthermore, as a respected entrepreneur and executive who embodies vulnerability and resilience, when AdaPia speaks, people are impacted. 


In this interview, AdaPia shares relatable personal stories and practical tips on “doing the inner work” and on how we can overcome challenges and achieve better outcomes by cultivating our intuition. Listen and learn how you can integrate parts of yourself you’ve ignored, suppressed, or forgotten about. Her heartfelt passion for self-mastery represents a new vision for leadership based on personal sovereignty in service to others. Finally, check out her book: Productive Intuition - Connecting to the Subtle. It’s a book that explores the intersection of science and spirituality through story and the senses, immediately bringing you into alignment with your Inner Authority.

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