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Aug 19, 2020

How Claudiu Overcame Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse: 


Claudiu Szenasi overcame  physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Consequently, he’s  no longer in survival mode. Instead he’s thriving and in this Onward Podcast interview, Claudiu shares his true underdog story. First, Claudiu shares that deciding to win is key. Also, you don't have to be where you come from. We’re all capable of greater depths than we can ever imagine. Finally, listen and hear Claudiu’s story and how he overcame his "34 Year Long Storm". 


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Claudiu explains that trauma experienced as a child isn’t really understood until later in life.
  • You’re in survival mode when you experience abuse as a child.
  • Also, parts of him were buried until he was mentally ready to start facing what happened to him as a child.
  • Next Claudiu shares that his Uncle was his abuser. 
  • Then, Claudiu shares that he moved to America with his parents at age 7.5.
  • He was born and raised in Romania from 1978-1985.
  • In addition, he grew up with his grand parents and uncle who had access to him. 
  • His parents were working in the city.  
  • The Communist government controlled the job market and made it hard on his parents because they’d applied for a visa to move to the US.
  • Claudiu didn’t understand why he was behaving the way he did as he grew up. 
  • Furthermore, he had issues with authority figures and couldn’t keep a job.  
  • After that, Claudiu talks about how extensive therapy didn’t help him. 
  • Claudiu shares that he was drinking and taking drugs and it impacted his marriage. 




  • Mindset is so important. 
  • What does healing look like for Claudiu? 
  • Claudiu explains how he came to love and accept himself.
  • How did Claudiu want to deal with his Uncle?
  • He shares his story to help other people.
  • Claudiu shares the many ways he spends his time helping others.
  • Martial arts helped Claudiu develop a sense of compassion.
  • He was 32 when he told his parents what happened to him as a young boy. 
  • Claudiu filed for bankruptcy twice.
  • Finally, Claudiu and Emily talk about the importance of not giving up and how its always darkest before the light. 

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