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Sep 14, 2020

Helping Startups with Tech Projects: 


Manuj Aggarwal is an entrepreneur, investor, and CTO of TetraNoodle, a software consulting company that helps startup founders with tech projects. Manuj started his career at the age of 15, working in a factory for twelve hours a day, six days a week, earning a cool $2 per day.

While Manuj had no contacts or resources, he was determined to improve his life and realized education and the right training was the only way for him to achieve his goals. Consequently, Manuj managed to acquire a modest education and went on to become a technical leader and CTO in multiple startups. Furthermore, Manuj is passionate about education and training because, without it, these achievements would not have been possible.

While building his career, Manuj fought decades of anxiety, depression, and pessimism  by indulging in meditation and mindfulness. Also, he is deeply spiritual (not religious) and focuses on accessing and training his subconscious mind to create the life of his dreams actively. Finally, Manuj reminds us:  Let go of “shoulds” and live your life!


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Manuj and Emily talk about how listening to stories is helpful in figuring out our path 
  • Also, we have more positive stories than the negative stories. The bad ones stick with us.
  • A negative story can actually turn out to be a positive story.
  • Majuj explains he realized growth is usually preceded by a challenge.
  • We can recognize a challenge as another chance for a growth spurt.
  • Furthermore, looking at how you performed on other challenges will give you strength.
  • Manuj has a background in data science and technology and is skilled at looking for patterns in his life. 


  • Next Manuj talks about the life journey. 
  • The life journey starts when you’re born. It’s easy to forget about major life events that happened. 
  • Furthermore, every layer you peel leads to the next layer. 
  • Also you can ask how you are causing these events to happen.
  • We give labels to things like life and death and connect a negative connotation.
  • Also, consider life like a movie. Amazing show! Watched it and had fun. Treat death as the end of that movie. 
  • Emotion triggers other things in life that we may need to pay more attention to.
  • We attach our emotions to events and create our own stories for ourselves and our life unfolds.
  • Before his mom’s passing, Maunj says he thought like a typical materialistic person.
  • Now finds deep meaning from his mom’s death.
  • Next Manuj describes his childhood and what lead him to where he is today, involved in startups.
  • Also, as your mind opens, you intermingle your skills. Now he’s mingling his spiritually with technology.
  • In addition, focus on accessing and training your subconscious mind to create the life of your dreams.
  • Every time we look at problem we make the problem our objective vs focus on what were really trying to do.
  • Next we discuss how spirituality, meditation and mindfulness can help entrepreneurs.
  • Self love and self acceptance is first step in process of improving our lives.
  • Also, the chance of us being born so small and we forget how special it is that we’re here living on this earth.
  • After this, Manuj talks about his Bootstrapping Your Dreams podcast. 
  • Finally Manuj shares a question we can ask the Universe:  “I’m here. Where next?” 
  • Finally, get rid of the stories, the noise, and the shoulds.


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