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Mar 1, 2021

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, PsyD is a leadership & life coach for creatives, new leaders, busy professionals. She’s also a practicing abstract artist and organizational psychologist. Clarissa’s been an artist since the age of 5. Furthermore, her passion for coaching can be traced back to her childhood and young adult days. She was the friend others sought out for advice, counsel, and encouragement. Clarissa helps her clients who are feeling burnout and unfulfilled at work flourish and make a living doing what they love. Clarissa is the author of the book Painting Your Path.


Also, Clarissa is on a mission to help 1,000 high-achieving creatives and leaders who want to generate impact (and income!) go from wondering how to share their talents to becoming empowered leaders. She does this by teaching them how to create a vision and execute their plan to live their best life so they can make a difference in the communities they serve.  

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily and Clarissa talk about how they met.  
  • Clarissa wrote a book about women who were pivoting out of the corporate world.
  • She interviewed 21 women for her book and Emily was one of them.  
  • Next, Clarissa and Emily talk about the coaching programs they're involved in.
  • Clarissa has been in her comfort zone for a while and likes learning from the people in her coaching groups.
  • Since she was five years old, Clarissa knew she wanted to be an artist.
  • Furthermore, she didn't have the self confidence to become an artist so she took a retail job in her 20s.
  • Clarissa describes the many times she's pivoted in her life.
  • One of her pivots involved moving across the country.
  • Another pivot involved earning her Master's Degree.
  • Clarissa explains how she knows when it's time for another shift.
  • Emily asks Clarissa how she handles her inner critic.
  • Clarissa says out loud "Cancel. Cancel." and gets back to her WHY.
  • How does one figure out their "why"?
  • One way is to write down memorable moments in your life - positive and negative.
  • And, when Clarissa did this, she discovered a common thread of creating new possibilities in her life.
  • Emily talks about how her therapist is helping her identify her feelings.
  • Clarissa explains how coaching has helped her.
  • Coaches can see your blind spots.
  • Next, Clarissa shares how she's been impacted by racism.
  • A growth mindset is key to transformation.
  • At any moment we can choose our mindset.
  • Emily asks how do we know when we should push through or not.
  • When she's nervous and excited, Clarissa knows she needs to keep going.
  • The key take aways from the women in Clarissa’s book: feel the fear and do it anyway,
  • Finally, Clarissa shares her plans for 2021.

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