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Dec 6, 2021

Tim Sohn has been living with Leukemia for 15 years. Furthermore, as co-host of the new livestream show, Showing Up: Perspectives On Cancer, Tim provides a platform for others to connect and share their stories of being impacted by cancer. Also, Tim co-hosts The Tim & Jim Show featuring interviews with professionals from the marketing and business world to help educate their audience to help their businesses grow. As an award winning Livestream Producer & Coach, Tim helps his clients make heartfelt impact, build relationships and grow their community on social media. 

Tim tells us that by sharing your personal story on live video, you become more relatable, which leads to people trusting you more, which means people buying from you more. Up until recently, Tim was often reluctant to share his story of living with leukemia because he was afraid people would look at him differently or it would be hard to get business or find a new job. However, since sharing his story, he’s made even more connections and friends. Finally, if you have leukemia or a family member or friend does, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tim.

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