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May 18, 2020

The Self-Love Challenge:

Brandy Edwards says “you have to love yourself while you work on yourself”. Brandy is an attorney turned Empowerment Speaker and Coach living in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, she’s the Founder of The Self-Love Challenge and emphasizes the importance of self-love, confidence and courage. In addition, Brandy’s self-discovery journey is the reason she’s strong and courageous, and takes action despite fear. Brandy follows her happiness to create a life she loves and helps others do the same. In summary, listen to this episode as Brandy empowers you to bridge the gap between fears that hold you back and bravery that can propel you forward. 


Episode Highlights:

First, Emily introduces Brandy and they discuss how they connected. 

Then Brandy talks about how many women have distorted views of themselves and feel like we aren’t enough. 

Furthermore, the feeling of not being enough impacts our self worth and self-love. 

For many, the feeling is the result of a trauma or childhood experience. 

We can retrain our brain. It takes effort. 

Then, Emily and Brandy discuss the role of social media on our self esteem.

After that, Brandy describes her self-love journey. 

Then Brandy explains the benefits of yoga and how yoga helps her.

Brandy speaks to women and young girls 

She reminds us that our daughters are listening and observing us. 

We can teach them self-love. 

Furthermore, young girls subconsciously take in what we say and it resurfaces when they grow up.

Next Brandy says our clothing size isn’t what makes us happy. 

She’s been size 2 and 14, and at her smallest, she still didn’t feel good enough.

We can have goals to be healthier and stronger. but we need to accept where we are without any conditions.

How, Emily asks and Brandy explains we have a choice about our thoughts about ourselves.

Once we’re self aware then we can can choose different thoughts.

We need to work our mental muscles just like our physical muscles. 

Also, we’re with ourselves all day long.

We can be a beautiful work in progress

Just like many of us, Brandy has an inner mean girl and old thought patterns creep in. 

It’s easier for her to silence or quiet her inner mean girl.

Emily asks Brandy how she started to feel toward other people once she started loving herself more.

Brandy explains how she helps women find a place where they can be happy in any given moment with themselves.

It’s a process - it doesn’t happen overnight.

After that, Emily asks how the men in our lives can help.

Also, it’s never too late to start a self-love journey.

Finally, self-love is a life style.