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Aug 30, 2021

Sue Ryan is an expert on navigating transitions. Sue has 35 years experience in roles of navigating both caregiving support and her professional career. Furthermore, early in her career, Sue kept the aspects of her personal and professional lives separate. Then, a defining moment inspired Sue to intersect them. Consequently, Sue learned  that intersecting all aspects of her life makes her better in each aspect. Also, Sue is clear on who she is, her purpose, her uniquely great talents, skills and abilities. And, she knows how to define what success looks like, and what fulfillment means for her. 


Consequently, Sue lives the full expression of who she is and this includes professional speaking/storytelling, coaching, educating, and writing. She’s written and co-written 3 International best-selling books. Finally, Sue’s specialty is helping individuals in transition get successfully from where they are to where they know they want to be. And she has a heart for the transitions of caregivers who, like her, are continuously navigating transitions.


LIsten and learn: 

  1. How understanding our personality unlocks our potential and possibilities.
  2. Why it's important to believe what our belief systems are telling us.
  3. How massive acceptance and radical presence give us the gift of living each moment with clarity.
  4. Why it is important to have a process to navigate transitions in our lives. 

Resources Mentioned: