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May 31, 2019


Success Despite Obstacles

In this Onward Podcast episode, Neil McDonnell shares how he achieved success despite obstacles. Furthermore, Neil shares how he followed nontraditional paths to success. First, Emily Harman explains that Neil is President and Founder of the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Neil is a motivational speaker and trainer. Neil also advocates for the potential of small businesses in the United States. In this episode, Neil talks about his childhood. Then Neil explains how his experiences shaped his life. In summary, listen to this episode and learn how Neil moved onward despite numerous obstacles. Finally, nontraditional paths to success are possible.


Episode Highlights:


  • First Neil McDonnell shares his thoughts making his story public.
  • Then Neil shares that he didn't graduate from high school.
  • Ultimately he earned a GED.
  • What happened when Neil and his brother ran away from home as teenagers?
  • Where did Neil get his strong work ethic and resourcefulness?
  • How did Neil meet Steve Jobs and why did he join the military?
  • Later, Neil shares how he gets back up when he is knocked down.
  • In other words, Neil explains how he finds success despite obstacles.
  • After that, Neil and Emily discuss college. 
  • How can you find your passion?
  • Why did Neil create the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce?
  • The federal government spends $500 billion a year on prime contracts.
  • Small businesses can earn a larger piece of the pie.
  • Neil is excited about helping people he may never meet.
  • You can’t fix everything today, but you can fix today right now.
  • Do what you need to do know so you can do want to do later.
  • Nontraditional paths to successful are more common these days.
  • In summary, it is possible to find nontraditional paths to success.
  • Finally, If you look, you can find people willing to help you.

3 Key Points on nontraditional paths to success:

First, failure doesn’t describe you. It describes the event. Success despite obstacles is possible. 
Second, nontraditional paths to success are possible.
Third, in your 20s learn what drives you. In your 30s get good at it. In your 40s make money doing it.


Tweetable Quotes on finding success despite obstacles:

 “An entrepreneur is always trying to figure out how to make something work.” – Neil McDonnell.

“I never see yesterday’s problems as impacting tomorrow, I see them impacting my motivation at the moment. And I need to do something about it. But they won’t control my future.” – Neil McDonnell.

 “Go find like-minded people.” – Neil McDonnell.

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