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Aug 17, 2020

How to Find Joy and Peace in Difficult Times:

When Kelly Blackmon was a child, his parents were drug addicts and he grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods on the west side of Chicago. His family moved from there to the projects. After a fall when he was three years old, his parents were told that if he lived he’d have severe brain damage. In addition, Kelly is Black man in America and he has every reason to believe in his failure. However, this year has been the best year of his life. Even with COVID. Even with all the racism. And it's due to his faith. Not faith like we think of it. Like "Blind faith". Kelly says faith is like watching the pattern and being able to see 2, 4, 6, 8 and knowing that if he’s asked what's next, he can say 10 with certainty. That's where Kelly lives. Consequently, it's brought him a great deal of joy and peace and comfort in times that are any but.


About Kelly:

Kelly is the Owner of B.E. Consulting, a Chicago based consulting firm specializing in life and career coaching. Kelly specializes in helping people find their "why" through understanding themselves and letting themselves off the hook for their old perceptions.


In a small way, this is his version of saving the world. Furthermore, Kelly comes at every situation; every interaction, from a place of love. His belief is that it will help to make each person just a little bit better. And voila, the world starts to slowly shift from the butterfly effect. Hence, his company’s name, where B.E. Consulting.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily introduces Kelly and they talk about the power of networking
  • Then Kelly explains how he came up with the name for his business.
  • Kelly explains his approach to life - love.
  • Self mastery is important to Kelly. No one can take his joy away.
  • Being comfortable with yourself is key to finding joy.
  • Kelly talks about his childhood and growing up as a Black man in America.
  • A turning point in Kelly’s life was when he was in his 20’s and wanted to commit suicide. He didn’t feel valuable.
  • The morning Kelly was going to rob a McDonalds, his friend backed out and Kelly decided to back out too.
  • Next, Kelly describes his journey of self discovery and self love. 
  • Furthermore, Kelly helps others find their value and purpose.
  • Both of Kelly’s parents were addicted to drugs when he was growing up. 
  • He has a lot of reasons he could give up - it would totally fit.
  • However, Kelly chooses to be different.
  • It’s a decision to let go of victimhood.
  • Also, the power of choice is huge - it changes everything. 
  • Emily asks Kelly how he helps people let go of victimhood.
  • Next, Emily and Kelly talk about the challenges of being an entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurs need to know how to pivot and your inner compassion can tell you if you’re headed in the wrong direction.
  • Then Emily asks Kelly to talk about a time when he failed.
  • After that, Emily and Kelly talk about how these failures contributed to his successes.
  • Kelly talks about authenticity and the importance of sharing our failures and times when we’re afraid.
  • Next, Emily asks Kelly about one of his insane wackiest ideas.
  • Why did Kelly start coaching others?  
  • Finally, Kelly is Your favorite coaches favorite coach!


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