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May 11, 2020

Conscious or Peaceful Parenting:

Brandan Spradling is a certified conscious parenting coach and Mama to a free-spirited, wildhearted daughter. Brandan explains that conscious parenting, sometimes called peaceful parenting, is an essential part of her mamáhood journey. As such, she has a deep passion for sharing this amazing work with others. In addition, Brandan is helping reframe and transform the parenting conversation for generations to come. Finally, parents spending more time at home with their children during COVID-19, may find Brandan’s conscious parenting techniques appealing. Emily and Brandan back up their discussion on conscious parenting with tangible examples.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily introduces Brandan and shares her thoughts on parenting. 
  • Then Emily asks Brandan to explain conscious parenting.
  • Brandan explains the shift in thinking necessary to be a more mindful, present parent.
  • After that, Brandan explains the concept of connection before correction/cooperation.
  • Emily asks Branden to give an example and shares an example of how she, as many people her age, were sent to the corner as a child and not taught to name emotions.
  • Parenting brings out stuff in us we never knew existed.
  • Brandan and Emily take a break from the interview as there was an issue with Brandan’s 4.5 year old daughter making some noise.
  • Then, Brandan returns to the interview and explains how she handled the situation using conscious parenting techniques. 
  • She also shares that her mom, her daughter’s grandmother, is learning conscious parenting.
  • Also, Brandan explains how she’d talk to her daughter if she hadn’t handled herself appropriately or if she had yelled at her daughter.
  • She shares how she would apologize to her daughter and what that teaches her daughter.
  • Brandan shares how she’s teaching her daughter to be able to identify and name her feelings.
  • After that, Brandan and Emily talk about how our perfectionism can come out in our patenting. 
  • Emily asks Brandan how she chose to parent this way and Brandan shares her story.  
  • After working with a conscious parenting coach, Brandan decided to coach other parents.
  • Conscious parenting improved all of Brandan’s relationships.  
  • After that, Emily gives some examples of parenting her children and how she had to take a look at herself.
  • Our children aren’t intentionally triggering us. The triggers from our own fears and insecurities.
  • Brandan explains the typical day of a single parent working out of the home and how frustrations build.
  • Then Brandan explains the value of taking a conscious pause and how parents can  train themselves to be the observer and witness without a reaction.
  • Brandan explains how parents can set an intention.
  • Peaceful parenting takes time.
  • Brandan encourages us to think through our day and celebrate small wins.
  • Finally, parenting is an inside job. 
  • Parenting is an invitation to become more aware of who we are.
  • Also, Brandan says that COVID-19 isn’t homeschooling its quarantine schooling.
  • We need to be gentle with ourselves and our children.
  • Use this time to teach our children life skills.
  • Think about what you want your children to remember about quarantine time.
  • It’s a time for many of us to slow down if we can.