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Jun 27, 2022

Emily Harman celebrates three years and 199 episodes of the Onward Podcast. Up until recently, Emily never celebrated her accomplishments. And, she felt uncomfortable with the attention. So, Emily’s worked on herself and she’s ready to celebrate.   

In this episode, Emily talks with several past guests. Also, she interviews Dan Johnson and his wife Erin who wrote and sing the theme song of the Onward Podcast podcast, Quantum Leap. Furthermore, Quantum Leap is dedicated to the brave people in their lives who have shown them that it is possible to overcome obstacles and come out better on the other side. What a perfect theme song for the Onward Podcast!

Emily is grateful for all of her awesome guests without them, there wouldn't be an Onward Podcast. Emily’s learned from each of you and this is your celebration too.

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Guests who appeared on this show were on previous Onward Podcast episodes as follows:

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