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Jul 4, 2022

For my guest, Thomas L. Rosenberg, the shift towards reconnecting with his inner wisdom and  living a life he loves living occurred after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a near-fatal bicycle accident in June 2014. And, the accident compelled him to rediscover the forgotten wisdom of his heart and body. Also, to stop living inside others’ stories and expectations. 

Inspired by the way a dear friend lived richly, shared all her gifts fully and died with tremendous grace in 2016, Thomas had a deep desire to lead life heart-first.

Now he’s a Certified Integral Coach and he loves helping people grow and flourish by rediscovering what’s truly important to them. His approach blends both Integral Coaching and somatic work drawn from his own journey as a coach and human.  

This episode will compell you to think. What’s the yearning or longing that might be arising in you. What is it saying? Do you hear it? And, what habits, behaviors, way of beingare no longer serving you? Furthermore, what's the cost of continuing those habits, behaviors, ways of being? Finally, what becomes possible when you fully commit to creating the future you seek?

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