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Jul 18, 2022

Dr. Nancy Stella talks about the fear trap and the triggers that keep you stuck. Dr. Stella has been a leading clinical psychologist in the Cincinnati area for over twenty years.

And, after a shattering divorce, Dr. Stella found traditional therapeutic approaches wanting. Consequently, she developed the Courageous Brain Process (CBP)—an innovative, science-based method of therapy.

Furthermore, this therapy is rooted in the most up-to-date neuroscience. Dr. Stella’s proven CBP approach allows clients to experience their own transformations from the inside out. This is  because it bypasses the shortcomings of traditional talk therapy and repatterns the way their brains process fear.

Her Book: Fear Traps: Escape the Triggers that Keep You Stuck, is an IPPY--Independent Publisher Book Awards award-winning book in mental health and psychology.

In this episode, Dr. Stella she shares her story and we discuss:

  1. How the lowest, darkest period of her life inspired her to confront and conquer fear.
  2. How to recognize fear, an uncomfortable feeling triggered by the belief that something is threatening us. The threat can be physical, emotional, or both.
  3. Trigger warnings—how to recognize signs that appear when you’re feeling stuck in an ongoing cycle of fear. Falling into a fear trap.
  4. Chronologically we are one age, but developmental a variety of ages.
  5. Why, as a psychologist, Dr. Stella focuses on fear, not just anxiety and depression.
  6. The Courageous Brain Process—a six-step plan to help people overcome the root fears behind anxiety and depression to create lasting change:
  7. What mindful meditation exercises can teach us about controlling and overcoming fear.

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