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Nov 7, 2022

Joe Semaan talks about how to break the matrix so you can create a more rewarding life and business. Joe is the New Economy Sales Expert and creator of the Top Producer Academy. Furthermore, he has mentored over 350 organizations and thousands of Sales Leaders over the past 17 years. 


Joe has overcome adversity and created a life he loves living. When he moved to California he lived out of his car for 5 months. And, he lost hundreds of thousands, his home, and his credit. Furthermore, he’s experienced doubt, abandonment, trash talk, and embarrassment from peers and loved ones. Ultimately he faced the greatest challenge of all… self-honesty. 


Finally, listen to the conversation and hear us discuss the folllowiing topics and more, 


  • Overcoming challenges
  • The need for greater self awareness and strength of character in the new world
  • The increasing need for better communication 

Resources Mentioned: 


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