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Apr 20, 2020

Emily’s guest, Kamini Wood shares how you can calm your inner critic and strengthen your self compassion and inner confidence. Kamini, a mother of 5, is an international best selling author and founder and CEO of Live Joy Your Way and the AuthenticMe® RiseUp program. In addition, she is a certified life, wellness, and teen life coach. As such, Kamini works with high achievers on letting go of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety that comes with trying to do everything perfectly. In addition, she reminds her clients of how powerfully resilient they are. In doing so, Kamini guides them on their own journey back to inner confidence, authenticity, and self-leadership. 

Ultimately Kamini helps her clients become who they are meant to be both in personal and professional settings. In this episode, Kamini and Emily talk about how stress and overwhelm come from living to external validation and expectations. Kamini also talks about the importance of self compassion as well as how to set boundaries. In addition, Kamini and Emily discuss their experiences to help drive the points home. In summary, listen to this episode and learn how to strengthen your self compassion and inner confidence. We can calm our inner critic.

Episode Highlights:

  • Emily introduces Kamini who talks about how to strengthen self compassion and inner confidence. 

  • First, Kamini says we need to realize when we are getting overwhelmed.

  • Then we need to be willing to change. 

  • Next she explains that change is not comfortable. Therefore so it’s easy to say we tried and it didn’t work.

  • We are more comfortable doing things the way we’ve always done them.

  • Also, we have to look inward and figure out from where our thought patterns come.  

  • Next, we have to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t in terms of changing our behavior, as well as calming our inner critic.

  • Kamini recommends we slow down and become present in moment. 

  • Then, ask “How am I feeling right now and what do I need?”

  • We can learn to recognize when we’re in a state of overwhelm. 

  • Next we can ask ourselves, “What can I do about it? Is there another way to look at the situation?”

  • Also, it helps to ask ourselves, “Is it true?” For example, “Is it true that this all has to be done today?”

  • Kamini reminds us that we need to process our emotions because, if we don’t they can recycle back stronger.

  • Learn how to say no. No is a beautiful word. 

  • Kamini went through her own self growth and she helps her clients by shortening their learning curve.  

  • Listen to this episode and learn that three steps for practicing self compassion.

  • One way to practice self compassion is to celebrate small wins.

  • Communicating appropriately to your boss when you are overwhelmed is important and Kamini and Emily share helpful tips. 

  • Kamini offers tips on practicing mindfulness. 

  • Also, she explains two breathing methods aimed at instilling calm.

  • Kamini and Emily discuss parenting challenges and how parents can reduce overwhelm by conscious parenting.

  • Life’s Gentle Reminders is Kamini’s newest book.

  • Finally, Kamini shares that life happens through us and for us, not to us.

  • In summary, listen to this episode and learn how to calm your inner critic and strengthen your self compassion and inner confidence.

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