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May 6, 2020

Consider Franchise Business Ownership:

Susan Scotts helps Veterans achieve self-sufficiency and become their own commanding officer through business ownership. In addition, she is an award winning Career Transition Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source. As such, Susan has over three decades of experience in helping empower individuals to become self sufficient entrepreneurs through franchise business ownership. As a career transition coach, Susan provides support and guidance to aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs across the nation. Furthermore, she applies her knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurial community by meaningfully impacting others through mentoring. In other words, she enables them to achieve their personal dreams.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily introduces Susan and comments that due to the coronavirus, many people may be thinking of transitioning to a different career.
  • After that, Susan explains how she helps people achieve self-sufficiency through business ownership.
  • In addition, she helps people better understand franchises. 
  • Also, Susan shares the following misconceptions many people have about franchises:

1) It takes a lot of money to start a franchise

2) Franchises are mostly food service based 

3) A franchise owner can’t be innovative  

  • Next, Susan talks about the benefits of owning a franchise. 
  • Then she discusses how she helps veterans get back on their feet.
  • Susan shares a specific example of how she helped a veteran. 
  • She also explains the discounts veterans can get off of the franchise fee as well as special funding.
  • Susan explains the training and support provided to franchisees.
  • Next, Emily asks how Susan got into the career transition coaching business.
  • Susan explains her background and tells her story.
  • She always wanted to help other people.
  • In addition, she didn’t like working 9-5 in an office and she wanted more control and flexibility. 
  • Also, Susan wanted to build wealth for her future.
  • Then she explains how she took a leap of faith and didn’t let fear hold her back. 
  • She is determined and persistent. 
  • Susan learns by making mistakes and doing. 
  • She helps others believe in themselves and achieve their goals. 
  • Then Susan explains how she helps herself remember she can do tough things.
  • Emily and Susan discuss how positive affirmations help them achieve their goals. 
  • Also, they discuss vision boarding. 
  • Susan describes the Conscious Manifestor app she created and explains the story behind the picture in the app.
  • Emily asks what Susan does when she starts to get down and Susan gives Emily some tips. 
  • Susan shares that she set and achieved a goal to meet Oprah Winfrey. 
  • She then explains that sometimes our dreams don’t come true in the way we want them to and with the timing we want.
  • Finally, Susan advises us that when we come from a place of service we’re served as well.