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Dec 27, 2021

Ms. Donjette L. Gilmore suggested the title, Still I Rise, for this episode. And, once you listen, you’ll know why she chose this title after her favorite poem by Maya Angelou. As the 

Executive Director, Public Private Partnership Audit-Level Reviews, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Energy Installations & Environment, Ms. Gilmore oversees an extensive portfolio of 80,000 Conus Military Family Houses valued at $7.6 billion. A Senior Executive, Ms. Gilmore is a dedicated Servant Leader focused on assessing whether public private partners’ long-term financial viability will continue to provide safe, quality, well-maintained military family housing for or Sailors, Marines. Thus enabling them to remain focused on Navy’s mission.


We cover many topics in this awesome interview to include:

- The Navy stablished her office in October 27, 2019 amid intense congressional and media scrutiny.

- Faced with limited resources, Ms. Gilmore got creative and established a professional development rotational program to attract personnel to help to achieve the mission.

- Ms. Gilmore is proud of her dedicated, passionate staff that she calls  “PPPR Angels”.

- Her work is not a job, it’s her calling.

- Finally, obstacles make you stronger. Ms. Gilmore has been “the first” many times, paving the way for other African American women to follow in her footsteps. 

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