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Feb 15, 2021

Michael Parise is a teacher, mentor, healer, author and artist. As a Life and Spiritual coach, he is certified in spiritual direction and emotional recovery. Furthermore, as a Catholic priest who decided to leave parish ministry after over three decades, Michael has a unique perspective on how to guide others through self-awareness to pursue a new life.

Michael’s specialty is in helping busy professionals and executives who are burdened by responsibilities. They wonder why they don’t feel successful enough, and are seeking greater balance and joy in life. In this episode, Michael and Emily talk abut his transition from Priesthood to "civilian life" as a life coach. Also, Michael talks about the effects of childhood emotional neglect and childhood family dysfunction.

Finally, Michael's vision for the future is to help make the world a more loving, accepting, generous place for all.

Episode Highlights:

  • First Michael talks about his childhood and that he’s a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).
  • Then he explains why he decided to go to seminary.
  • After that, Michael talks about discovering that he was gay.
  • Michael decided to leave seminary before he was eligible for retirement. 
  • Furthermore, Michael was a Priest for 32 years and a Pastor for the last 13 years of his career. 
  • He says he’s never regretted his decision decision to leave ministry. 
  • No one in the Archdiocese of Boston called or asked why Michael left or how he was doing.
  • Michael’s book is Life Interrupted: Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed.
  • His book is about how to be your own rescuer.
  • In other words, don't wait for others.  
  • He realized that at a point in his life he enjoyed victimhood. 
  • His existence depended on being a victim but he's not a victim.
  • Michael went on a retreat and started to tell his victim story and the retreat leader reminded him that he's more than his story.
  • Michael explains why he calls himself the Saboteur Slayer.
  • Michael talks about how he helps his clients heal.
  • You can read books but at some point people get stuck.
  • Life coaches take you in your present and push you into the future you want for yourself.
  • Coaches help their clients discover in themselves the resources they already have.
  • Michael describes his target client. 
  • Michael helps veterans through Vets2 Industry.
  • Next Michael explains how he's become his own best rescuer.
  • Let the steps lead you along the path. 
  • And eventually you’ll start all over again and go more deeply into each step
  • Finally, the journey is an opportunity to relax into revelation and a new insight.

Resources Mentioned: