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Aug 31, 2020

What keeps them going?


726 days. That is how long the tree sit on Yellow Finch Lane has been standing to block the progress of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline will cover a 301 mile corridor of pressurized, fracked liquified natural gas. 

I visited the site of the tree sits and conducted this interview because I wanted to understand why they are resisting the pipeline. The tree sitters and their ground support are living in very primitive conditions. What keeps them going? The position these tree sitters are taking is most likely a very radical position in the view of some Onward Podcast listeners. I’m not advocating that you take their view. I am asking that you listen with the intent to understand. 


Episode Highlights:

  • First Emily introduces Dustie Pinesap.
  • Then Dustie talks about the Mountain Valley Pipeline.
  • She describes a “Tree Sit”.
  • These tree sitters have been resisting the pipeline since 5 September 2018.
  • Also the tree sitters keep supplies in the tree suspended from ropes and they can sustain themselves for 2 months in tree.
  • Next Dustie explains how they protect the trees from being cut down. 
  • The tree sitters are protecting the last remaining stand of trees on pipeline.
  • What keeps the tree sitters motivated?
  • Dustie explains how they pass time.
  • Next Emily asks how people can get involved or support the effort to resist the pipeline.
  • Dustie explains that it’s quiet on the day of the interview but it’s not always so quiet. 
  • After that, Dustie explains how she feels the land and trees should be treated and that everything is interconnected.
  • In other words, we need each other - not a lot of material things.
  • We can’t engineer our way out of this problem. 
  • Finally, we don’t have enough natural resources and we’re abusing what we have.


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