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Dec 20, 2021

Jenny Dilts is an advocate for balancing grief and gratitude. Furthermore, she’s passionate about helping people move forward with their grief so they can create a new normal for themselves. As a Grief Coach, Jenny accompanies people on their grief journeys and supports them in the process of converting their grief into stepping stones of growth. Also, Jenny recognizes that although grief is a universal part of the human experience, the journey itself is highly individualized and changes over time.

Therefore, as a Grief Coach, Jenny meets people where they are.Then she helps them explore where they’d like to be. And Jenny collaborates with her clients to build a customized vehicle for getting them there. Finally, some of the milestones along the way include:

1) Facing the grief and knowing you’re not alone

2) Normalizing the experience and identifying how you experience grief

3) Digging deeply into grief and building a relationship with it.

Resources Mentioned: