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Nov 30, 2020

Emily Harman thanks her listeners as she celebrates 100 episodes of the Onward Podcast. In addition she shares what she’s learned in the 17 months since she retired from working for the U.S. Navy. Well - not everything she’s learned - just the highlights that will help you as well. Finally, Emily shares her plans for 2021 which include publishing a book of Season 1 and 2 Onward Podcast episodes and tweaking the upcoming Season 3. 


Top 10 Episodes of the Onward  Podcast based on number of downloads as of 24 November 2020

  1.  A Mother and Son’s Discussion on Addiction and Recovery w/ Emily Harman and WIlliam Wilhelm
  2. How to Starve Cancer Without Starving Yourself w/ Jane McLelland
  3. Own Your Live w/ Adrienne Somerville
  4. When Addiction Enters the Household the Walls Collapse w/ Nancy Espuche
  5. Why I Created the Onward Podcast w/ Emily Harman
  6. Living in Flow: How Your Choices Shape Your World w/ Sky Nelson Isaacs
  7. Finding Strength After Tragedy: A Mother’s Journey w/ Ginger Moreland Rosela 
  8. Letting Go With Love: A Mother’s Recovery Journey w/ Sandy Swensen
  9. Building a 75+ Year Naval Career w/ Sarkis Tatigian
  10. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Do w/ Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad


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