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Nov 9, 2020

Onward Podcast guest Linda Rawson shares how she went from country girl to a successful CEO and everything in between. Linda is a C-level executive, a technology entrepreneur, author, and inventor. Furthermore, she graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses training and received an award for Davis/Morgan business of the year.


Moreover, if you’re thinking of leaving your current job but a little intimidated and not sure if you should, listen to this episode! Learn how Linda left a comfortable job when she was a single parent with three children in High School.


Also, Linda shares what it was like growing up in a rural Mormon community and how she ended up starting her own business. We discuss the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and how Linda was able to keep her company going as she dealt with the deaths of three people very close to her. In addition, Linda shares how she moved onward when she experienced failures along the way.  


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Linda talks about her rural Morman upbringing. 
  • Next she goes on to explain how she became an entrepreneur, leaving a comfortable job when her three children were in High School. 
  • After that Linda talks about the challenges of running her company during a time in her life when three people very close to her passed away.
  • Also, she explains the guilt she felt after each death and what happened to her when she didn’t deal with her grief.
  • Furthermore, Linda wrote a book about grief.
  • After that, the conversation switches to the children’s books Linda wrote on science and block chain.
  • Finally, Linda shares how she’s living an authentic life and she’s discovered her purpose. 


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