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Dec 9, 2019

Emily Harman, the host of Onward Podcast, interviews Christian Modjaiso, Founder and CEO of Observe, an organization with a mission to help extremely stressed people deal with their suffering by observing it for themselves, enabling them to find a permanent solution to their problem in a way that is customized to their situation. Christian Modjaiso reveals the suffering he has endured, including suicidal attempts on two occasions. Christian relays what he has learned and gives advice for those dealing with stress and depression.

Episode Highlights: 


  • Why did Christian Modjaiso decide to be an Onward Podcast guest
  • What is Observe about and what pushed Christian to do this work?  
  • What was it like for Christian to transition from the Congo in Africa to the United States? 
  • What sparked Christian’s interest in human suffering? 
  • How did Christian deal with his suicidal thoughts? 
  • How do you make time for dealing with your stress if you are busy? 
  • Make your mental health a priority in your life. 
  • Emily Harman talks about how she personally applied the Observe approach. 
  • How does Christian help people? 
  • The more we are able to understand how thoughts and emotions function, the more we can apply them consciously. 
  • How did Christian’s father take to him taking on an online business?  
  • How have observation sessions benefitted Christian? 
  • What would Christian say to someone who is currently suicidal? 
  • Christian Modjaiso talks about lessons learned from yoga.  

3 Key Points:

  1. Even though we may not be able to totally eradicate stress from our lives, we can develop greater control over our thoughts and emotions, thus enabling us to live more peacefully, rather than being at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions.
  2. The more we observe our stress, the less control it will have on us. 
  3. The Observe Approach is a simple but powerful tool that they can use to deal with any problem that is stressing us out.   

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If I want to learn history, I need to rely on people. But if I want to learn about my own anger, I don’t need to rely on anyone. Not even a book. Not even an anger expert. I can sit down and look at my own anger.” – Christian Modjaiso
  • “You don’t even need to worry about what the solution is going to be to a stressful situation. Once you have made enough observation, the solution naturally comes to you.” – Christian Modjaiso 
  • “Eating is a priority. So, we make time for eating. We make time for drinking, all of that. Typically, why this observation of one’s emotions and the body and thoughts is not being done is because it is not considered a priority.” – Christian Modjaiso 


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