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Jul 20, 2020

Surviving the Miracle on the Hudson:


When US Airways Flight 1549, otherwise known as “The Miracle on the Hudson”, “crashed” into the Hudson River in January 2009, Onward Podcast guest Dave Sanderson survived. Consequently, he started to realize that the moments that made up his life prepared him for that moment. Thinking only of helping others, Dave became the last person off of the back of the plane that day. Furthermore, he was largely responsible for making sure others made it out safely. 


An inspiring survivor, Dave was an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. Sharing the lessons of that day with audiences around the world, he shows that managing your state of mind and leading with certainty can turn anyone into a hero. In this episode, Dave talks about how to step up and lead yourself through adversity. In addition, he believes one defining moment can create a lifetime of purpose. Dave speaks about Point in Time That Changes Everything (PITTChE). Finally, everyone has a PITTChE moment. Find yours, focus on adding value to others first, and watch how your life takes off. 


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily and Dave talk about talk about how Dave survived survived “The Miracle on the Hudson”. 
  • After that, Dave shares what he learned when he worked for Tony Robbins. 
  • Tony Robbins taught Dave the importance of investing in yourself. 
  • The points Dave makes when speaking have evolved. 
  • At first, he talked about how to brace for impact.
  • Then he talked abut how moments matter.
  • Now, Dave speaks about finding your distinct advantage.
  • Also, Dave speaks about PITTChE - Point in Time That Changes Everything. 
  • Everyone has a PITTChe moment. 
  • Some people think Dave’s moment was the plane crash but it wasn’t. 
  • Dave shares how a mentor he worked with for 13 years helped him change his mindset.  
  • Next Dave and Emily talk about the importance of a morning routine and focused execution. 
  • Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome is the topic of Dave’s TED Talk.
  • Finally, everyone has a distinct advantage. 
  • It’s all about impacting someone else’s life. 
  • Focus on adding value to others first and watch how your life takes off. That’s when everything changes.


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