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Oct 24, 2022

Dr. Miriam Zylberglait (Dr Z) talks about the 3G Cycle of Life. And it’s the secret to achieving joy, meaning, and wellbeing. Dr. Z is originally from Peru where she went to medical school and practiced medicine for almost 10 years. Then, she came to the U.S in 2011, leaving her parents, her friends, and her job as an academic physician to follow the love of her life.

Next, in the U.S., Dr. Z had to start from zero. Ultimately she learned a new language, and repeated her residency and fellowship. During these years, while being in her 40s, she rounded the hospital with her pregnant belly, twice. And she says it was the best experience ever. Because she was never alone. Her baby's kicks were the best reminder of why she needed to continue pursuing her dreams.

Now, she’s fortunate to have a supportive husband, parents, sister, friends, and two wonderful little boys that help her find harmony between her personal and professional life. 


In this episode, we talk about the 3G cycle of life philosophy. Life is not linear but cyclic. And, different cycles of our lives are interconnected. And each cycle needs to be close for us to be able to go to the next one. Furthermore, all the cycles have the same basic components that represent the 3G: Goal, Grit and Grow. In addition, these cycles are affected by positive and negative catalysts that may accelerate and facilitate or delay our progress throughout the cycles. 


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