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Jul 13, 2020

This is Your Life; You Have Choices:

Onward Podcast guest, Karen Clark Salinas reminds us that self care isn’t selfish. In addition, this is your life and you have choices. Karen is a national board certified health and wellness coach and founder of Rebalance Wellbeing. As such, Karen coaches very busy women who risk chronic health issues from constantly putting themselves last. In addition, Karen helps them take better care of themselves through mindset, healthy living, and happiness practices. Thus enabling them to have the time and energy to put their dreams, goals, and priorities first—at least some of the time!


Also, Karen is a mother of 3 and a stepmother of 4. In addition, she’s a thriver of divorce, her most difficult life event. In addition, she’s a survivor of a 15-year odyssey with Lyme disease, which was exacerbated by chronic stress. In summary, Karen shares what she wishes she knew when she was struggling to rebalance her wellbeing and dealing with the stress and responsibilities of her various roles in life.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Karen talks about why she chose to be a coach. 
  • Then Karen and Emily discuss how to raise children to become responsible and self sufficient adults.
  • After that, Karen offers helpful tips for moms with teenagers.  
  • Karen explains that she wishes she had been more intentional on what she needed and what the family needed as a community.
  • After that, Karen talks about the importance of questioning our assumptions. 
  • Also, Karen shares how we can manage expectations of others. 
  • Karen suggests we consider what we can I reasonably do and not feel overwhelmed, not spread too thin.
  • Karen explains the incidence rate of chronic diseases is increasing and why this concerns her.
  • Next Karen encourages us to pay attention to health risks. 
  • Karen suggests we identify our core values.  
  • Emily says exercise and time alone to decompress are important to her. 
  • Then, Emily shares how she made time to exercise and that we need to be creative to take care of ourselves.
  • Life can take a turn for any of us -so we need to be prepared.
  • Karen explains her self help quiz that she’s offering complimentary to Onward Podcast listeners. 
  • Karen explains how she helps people look at where they can integrate work/life/family so their well being in all spheres is rebalanced.
  • Next, Emily explains how she color codes her calendar and how she can glance at her calendar and get a feel if her life is unbalanced.
  • We’re fortunate that our brains are malleable and we can retrain our brains. 
  • In addition, we can intentionally create new habits. 
  • Lastly, Karen offers one last tip: “This is your life and you have choices.”


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