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Jul 27, 2020

Step Away From the Conditioning of Your Childhood:


Onward Podcast guest, Mary Szenasi is a victim of childhood sexual abuse and spiritual neglect. Consequently, she became an explosively angry young woman with issues surrounding trust, self-control, alcohol, self-loathing, and intimacy. One day Mary became curious about what it might mean to step away from the conditioning of her childhood and to live a better life. She then took responsibility and stepped out of victimhood.


Now, she’s thriving and blazing trails of healing for others to follow when they’re ready or curious. Furthermore, she’s a transformational wellness coach and shadow integration coach. Mary is a published author and founder and coach at The 6th House, a wellness practice where she coaches others through wounds and stanganancy of all sorts. Mary’s intentions are to raise awareness, educate, support, and guide people of all walks of life through "stuckness" of all kinds. She’s focused on healing the world one soul at a time.


Episode Highlights:

  • First Mary tells her childhood story and the sexual abuse she endured.
  • Next, Emily shares her story of abuse.
  • Mary said she was aware at the age of 8, that no one would do anything if she spoke up about what was happening to her.
  • After that, Mary explains how she was also abused spiritually. 
  • Now, Mary realizes the adults in her family weren’t equipped with the tools to help her. 
  • Also, understanding this helps her to be more compassionate.
  • Emily asked Mary if she acted out as a child because of the abuse. 
  • Mary says she was an angry child. 
  • She started drinking at 12 and became pregnant with her son at 16.
  • Also, Mary identified her worth with her body.
  • Mary’s husband is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Mary talks about her forthcoming book.
  • Next, Mary talks about how she started to heal.
  • Her first step was self analysis and she stopped lying to herself. 
  • She asked herself “What if I took control of my own life?” 
  • Then she started studying different healing modalities.
  • What was Mary’s “ah ha moment”?
  • Now she’s thriving and blazing trails of healing for others.
  • The more you tell your story the more you heal. 
  • Now, Mary coaches people all over the world.
  • Next she explains shadow work and working through trauma.
  • Then she gives an example of shadow work.
  • We need to take responsibility and step out of victimhood.
  • For some people, that’s very hard. 
  • They fear change and losing the comfort in the chaos.
  • Blame forfeits our power. Releasing victimhood gives us power.
  • Finally, there really isn’t anything we can experience or live through that we can’t overcome. 
  • We’re capable of making the choice to commit to having a better life.
  • First make a choice. Then engage in radical commitment.

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