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Jan 10, 2022

Emily and her coach, Sandy Rakowitz talk about how the truth will set you free in this Onward Podcast episode. Listen to this episode and learn how Emily has grown in the 12 months she’s been working with Sandy. Animals saved Sandy through connection when she felt alone, disconnected, and on the fringe. And now, she helps others rescue themselves to enhance their self-worth and net-worth.  

Sandy is dedicated to helping people and their animals, and their businesses thrive. Sandy mentors her clients in 1:1 in private sessions, classes, and programs to unleash their intuitive and creative gifts. And she enables her clients to believe and trust deeply in themselves, to live on purpose, while turning their dreams into reality.

Sandy Rakowitz is the Founder of the award winning business, One Heart Healing Center for the Evolution of Humanity and Universal Consciousness. And, she’s Founder and President of the newly opened One Heart University for Pets and People, a universe of learning. 

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