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Sep 16, 2019

Emily Harman, the host of Onward Podcast, interviews Drisana Moss, mother of four who became pregnant with twins at age 16. She did not graduate from High School; however, Drisana earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Registered Nurse license. She works with children and adults with diabetes. She is a care coordinator at a children’s hospital and a trainer for two different diabetes device companies in San Diego, CA. Drisana believes that we are more capable than we realize. She shares how she moved onward through some very tough times and tells us that we can always change our story. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Emily Harman introduces Drisana Moss. 
  • Drisana discusses the various adversities that she faced as a teem mom. 
  • What was Drisana’s experience like while pursuing her GED and college?
  • How does she feel about her parent’s form of support and tough love? 
  • How does Drisana feel about TV shows portraying teen parents?
  • What was it in Drisana that helped her overcome the odds against teenage mothers?
  • It does take a village to raise children. 
  • Everyone is capable of more than they know.  
  • We need to be mindful of the thoughts that we have because they impact our actions. 
  • What made Drisana choose nursing? 
  • When Drisana became a parent, did she know that she would go back to college?
  • How would Drisana handle her own teenage daughter becoming pregnant?
  • Drisana shares her thoughts on holding honest conversations about sex with children in an effort to build trust so they feel safe coming to their parents with questions and information.
  • Drisana’s podcast will be called ‘Light in the Shadows’ and will feature stories about moms overcoming adversity. 
  • Everything is temporary, so don’t be afraid to make changes. 


3 Key Points:

  1. We are all capable of more than we realize and support from a tribe can help us through tough times.
  2. Don’t give up because you can always change your story. Life is not perfect but there is a light in every shadow.
  3. You can be more mindful of your thoughts and you can always change your fearful and negative thoughts.  


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Showing love is not always just doing everything for another person.” – Emily Harman
  • I want to combat some of that stigma and the social kind of perception and also the statistics that are already against teen moms.’” – Drisana Moss
  • “Once you have a baby as a teenager, you are more likely to have another baby as a teenager. And you are also way less likely to graduate high school, and I think it is like 2% that get a bachelor's degree.” – Drisana Moss


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