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Feb 22, 2021

Alex Carmeli is a leadership consultant, author and the founder of the We Build Killer Teams Community. Furthermore, Alex is on mission to empower & inspire 50,000 leaders to build purpose-driven teams that drive social impact & income. Alex helps leaders, mentors, and coaches find their authentic leadership voice through private coaching and consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements. Also, she helps them build a thriving team/community and position themselves as the go-to leader in their niche! 

Alex takes action and inspires her clients do so as well. Listen to this episode and learn how Alex built her thriving business and how she’s helping others do the same.

Episode Highlights:

  • Alex is on a mission to empower and inspire 50,000 leaders to build purpose-driven teams that drive social impact & income. 
  • Emily shares that she and Alex are in the same group coaching program.
  • Next, Alex explains how she got into coaching, initially starting out as a personal trainer.
  • Eventually she opened up her own business in January 2020.
  • Emily asks how Alex approaches coaching clients older than her.
  • Alex doesn't pretend to know everything. In other words, she's still learning.
  • Also, she loves taking people on a journey and she's open to learning from her clients too.
  • Furthermore, Alex has big dreams to include creating her own coaching certification course.
  • Next, Emily asks what gives Alex the courage dream.
  • Alex keeps taking action and that separates her from many others.
  • In addition, she doesn't get distracted by the "noise".
  • Also, Alex has three accountability partners and she gets support from those in her group coaching programs.
  • Establishing boundaries is key to her success. 
  • She’s also careful about who she spends time with.
  • Next, Alex talks about her two books.
  • Alex had to be the adult when she was young and she accredits her childhood as giving her coaching experience.
  • After that, Alex talks about the types of leaders she coaches.
  • Adversity is normal. 
  • And Alex explains why mindset is important for a top performing leader.
  • Emily asks Alex to describe her coaching program. 
  • Self care is important! Exercising at the gym helps Alex relieve stress.
  • Emily and Alex talk about the importance of taking a break to prevent burnout.
  • Finally, Alex writes her goals in present tense. 
  • Then, she takes small, aligned actions.   

Resources Mentioned: