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Jun 21, 2021

Margie Serrrato encourages you to embrace your SELF and unleash your true power. 

A cultural anthropologist, Margie’s research focuses on gender in nontraditional contexts. Furthermore, Margie is a professional coach who empowers her clients to reclaim their confidence, liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, and claim their potential and power. Also, no stranger to adversity, Margie shares with conviction that it is possible to turn the most horrendous trials into triumphs. Finally, the appearance of confidence is different than *being* confident. To BE confident requires self-love and self-compassion, and those can only be attained through persistent inner work.


Episode Highlights:


  • First, Margie talks about her love of body building.  
  • Then she shares some touching stories about her journey toward becoming a mother.
  • After that, Margie talks about her traumatic childhood.
  • Also, her kind, big hearted teacher made a big impact in Margie’s life. 
  • Ultimately, her teacher made Margie feel safe at a time when she didn’t feel safe at home.
  • Then, Margie explains the reason she chose the title of this episode - Embrace Your Self, Unleash Your True Power.
  • Next, Emily and Margie talk about the importance of investing in themselves.
  • Margie talks about the inner work and how challenging it is to look within.
  • Also, the inner journey requires self acceptance, self compassion, and self love.
  • Margie describes the challenge of transitioning from academia to professional coaching.
  • Margie is a professional coach and focuses on empowering her clients to reclaim their confidence and liberate themselves from limiting beliefs. 
  • And she helps her clients claim their potential and power.
  • Margie shares that she's learned about who she is and who she is not.
  • Furthermore, she discovered the inner core of who she is.
  • Finally, it's a never ending journey of leveling up.

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