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Jan 17, 2022

Jenny Clark and Emily Harman talk about how to overcome self-sabotage. Our minds constantly sabotage our potential for both performance and happiness. And, all of our negative emotions, including stress, are the result of self-sabotage. Jenny participated in Emily’s Positive Intelligence Coaching Program where she learned how to 

stop sabotaging herself. 

Furthermore, Emily and Jenny give specific examples of how the program transformed their lives for the better. The Positive Intelligence Program grows your three core mental fitness muscles within six weeks. The breakthrough app delivers personalized daily practices that result in powerful new habits for a positive mind. 


Finally, listen to this episode to learn more about how your mind is your best friend but can also be your worst enemy. This Program was developed by Shirzad Chamine, a Stanford researcher and author of the book Positive Intelligence - Why Only 20% of Individuals and Teams Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.

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