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Jul 5, 2021

Onward Podcast Host, Emily Harman is coached by her guest, Paul Pettit, in a Mindfulness Based Life Coaching session. This is one of the practices Paul uses with clients. Every listener can participate, as Paul shows, rather than tells, you how you can become aware of the obstacles blocking your pathway to happiness. First, Paul shares an explanation of Knowing (about something) versus having Knowledge of (something). After that, he shares an explanation of Form & Formless (physical form) & (emotional formless). Next, he explains Subjective and Objective awareness as well as how they are interdependent, and create our emotional state-of-being. After that, Paul explains the multi-faceted thing we call Self. Finally, Paul coaches Emily. Listen, learn, and discover as Paul and Emily discuss what comes up for Emily during the session. 

Episode Highlights:

  • First, Paul Pettit and Emily prepare for the coaching session. 
  • You can read a lot of books but experience is the best teacher.
  • Also, Paul's specialty is Mindfulness Based Life Coaching.
  • Furthermore, his coaching is about the mind and the brain.
  • Emily has no idea how this session will go.
  • We search for happiness but it's really about removing the barriers so we can remove them.
  • Next, Paul explains the difference between knowing and knowledge.
  • Paul says he's going to help Emily discover the formless parts of herself.
  • Also, our thoughts create our feelings.
  • And, our thoughts about circumstances create our reality.
  • Next Paul says he’ll help Emily become more aware of what's blocking her pathway.
  • Paul asks Emily to name something that's bothering her.
  • Emily's response is that she hates to make sales.
  • Then, listen as Paul helps Emily uncover the reason. 
  • Also, this is something Emily has only shared with a handful of people
  • We're perfect in our imperfection.
  • Your job is to be YOU!
  • Finally, It's all about accepting yourself.
  • Uniting the body, mind, and soul and love them.

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