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Oct 12, 2020

Evan Knox grew up as an only child with everything he could ever want. Furthermore,  his dad struggled with substance abuse. Consequently, when Evan went into high school, his family lost everything due to his father's issues with narcotics. Then, his parents got divorced. Ultimately, Evan went on Christian missions straight out of high school and established a strong relationship with God.


Later, Evan married a wonderful woman who struggled with finances and was $100,000 in debt. They paid the debt off within three years of being married. In addition, Evan began and finished his bachelor's degree within five months. Also, Evan started Caffeine Marketing to help business owners like his dad. Evan has doubled the bottom line revenue in his company every year for the past 3 years.

Caffeine Marketing:


Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies.  Most people just throw money into marketing, hoping it will work. Evan founded Caffeine Marketing to design a better way to help businesses create marketing that's profitable, not painful. Also, Evan believes that your marketing should deliver results.  And he understands what it feels like to be frustrated by marketing that doesn't work. That's why he’s helped over 100 leaders create digital marketing that actually grows his client's companies



  • First Emily introduces Evan.
  • Then Evan shares his personal story of overcoming adversity.
  • Evan shares what it was like navigating life as a child to someone who struggled with narcotics,
  • Then Evan explains how he was able to forgive his father.
  • Next, Evan explains how he and his wife paid off nearly 100,000 of debt shorty after they got married.
  • Also, Evan explains how earned his bachelor's degree within five months.
  • Emily and Evan discuss how to cultivate discipline and share their morning routines.
  • Finally, Evan explains why he chose to operate from an internal locus of control


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