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Jul 15, 2020

A Journey of Transformation, Chaos, and Uncertainty:

Has life ever given you a chance to pack everything known to you in a red American Tourister bag to move across nations for marriage or love? Molika Gupta did, 6 years ago, and millions of women experience this every year. It is a journey of transformation, chaos, uncertainty and changes. 


Molika helps immigrant spouses live out of their passion amidst chaos and uncertainty. In other words, she helps them transition in career and life. Also, Molika started a Facebook group with the intention to connect with other immigrant spouses. Subsequently, her community grew to over 2,000 women from around the world. Finally, listen and learn to never allow external situations define you.  


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Molika shares how she packed all her belongings in a red American Tourister bag to move across the world for love.
  • Then she learned that because she was an accompanying spouse with a spousal dependent visa, she wasn’t allowed to work in the U.S. 
  • She experienced feelings of newness and loneliness as well as uncertainty. 
  • She discusses her support group and the support she offers immigrant spouses.
  • She shares the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of her life as an immigrant spouse. 
  • What kept Molika going was her undying desire to make things happen, even through years of depression.  
  • Also, it took Molika over 2 years to learn that life wasn’t happening to her, but for her. 
  • She spent lots of time soul searching. 
  • In addition, Molika kept meeting other immigrant spouses wherever she went.
  • The Universe was giving her a nudge, telling her, these are the people you’re meant to serve.
  • Next, Molika talks bout how she helps immigrant spouses re-write their story.
  • Also, by helping others, she’s helping herself.
  • Molika wants to do bigger things and become a newer version of herself. 
  • She advises us to allow life to speak to us. It’s good to have a plan but she Molika says she was missing the bigger picture.
  • Now she says, allow life to happen and things that might be better for you.
  • After that, Molika talks about clients she’s helped go from identity in crisis to embrace identity in transition owning their uniqueness.  
  • Molika shares stories of what it’s like to live in a foreign country.
  • Finally, Molika is a published author. She authored a chapter in the book "Redesign Your 9-5" which goes live on Amazon on July 15th, 2020. 
  • Also, Molika launched a podcast in April this year "The C Factor" where she interviews Expat women from 13 countries in lockdown. 


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