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Dec 7, 2020

Onward Podcast host Emily Harman talks with Stephanie Raffelock about how to live a vibrant and engaged life from age 50 onward. Stephanie is the author A Delightful Little Book on Aging and an advocate for positive aging. Aging is a remarkable passage and Stephanie started a movement around encouraging older women to see themselves in a more positive light. In this episode we talk about how to not hold ourselves back and how to find our voice. In addition, we discuss the importance of getting clear on what success is for us individually.

No matter what your age, you'll find this episode enlightening. Furthermore, if you're a man listening to this episode, it will help you better understand the females in your life.

Let's all live a vibrant and engaged life as we embark on our encore careers. Finally,  discover the benefits of inner work as we get to know ourselves again after having put everyone else first for so long. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Stephanie shares why she started writing on the topic of aging.
  • Throughout this episode Stephanie shares how women can lead a vibrant and engaged life from age 50 on. 
  • The next phase of our lives is a sacred passage. 
  • And, we’ve worked hard to get here.
  • What do I want? Who am I? It’s an exciting time to create ourselves again.
  • Furthermore, it’s a time when our mortality and our dreams collide.
  • Next, Stephanie says we each have to determine our definition of success.
  • In our 50s we’re more contemplative. 
  • Also, it’s a time that asks us to be still and grateful.
  • Furthermore, it’s a time to be alive!
  • Stephanie shares that we can expect to get weepy in our old age. It’s a cleansing. 
  • Why do women fear getting old?
  • Stephanie shares that she’s done a lot of inner work. 
  • Furthermore, she practices gratitude.
  • Stephanie’s next book, Creatrix Rising, Unlocking the Power of Mid-life Women, will be published in August 2021.
  • Finally, its important to have a circle of women friends and t0 share aspirations and dreams.


Resources Mentioned: