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Aug 10, 2020

Develop an Overcome Mindset:

Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman shares his triumphs over adversity. Many people think the biggest adversity Jason experienced was an ambush in Iraq. However, toward the end of this episode, Jason shares what he considers his biggest adversity. Furthermore, Jason shares how we can develop an overcome mindset. Also, Jason teaches his lessons learned in a relatable way. You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL to apply these principles to your life. As Jason says, “These are not SEAL lessons, these are human lessons!”  Listen to this episode and walk away with a new perspective and understanding that there are no bad days, only good days and great days.  


About Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman:

Jason spent 10 years as an enlisted Navy SEAL and ten years as a SEAL Officer leading SEAL teams in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. On September 13, 2007 while acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual, LT Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire. Jason along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as multiple rounds to his helmet, Night Vision Goggles, body armor, and weapon, Jason and his Team fought valiantly winning the fight, ensuring everyone came home alive.


Jason is a New York Times bestselling author and has appeared on multiple national news networks including Fox News, CBS, CNN, and CBN. In addition, Jason has been featured in multiple documentaries including History Channel’s, Navy SEALs, America’s Secret Warriors. Also, Jason is an actor playing the lead role in The Perfect Day film and a supporting character on an episode of Hawaii 5-0.


Episode Highlights:

  • First, Emily introduces Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman. 
  • Then Jason explains how his Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire. 
  • Jason along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. 
  • We all face ambushes in our lives. 
  • Also, we can move onward and shape our future. 
  • Jason is a living example of that.
  • Next, Jason explains that life ambushes are the bullets and bombs of life.
  • Emily talks about how life is hard.
  • Jason talks about how his experience brought him back to God.
  • Once injured, he called out to God for strength and received it.
  • Jason talks about his faith.
  • Then, Emily and Jason talk about how we all think we’re going to die of old age. 
  • We think our plans will unfold the way we laid them out in our mind.
  • He’s thankful for his second chance.
  • Furthermore, Jason has a plan for his life but knows his plan can change on a dime.
  • At the end of the day, this life you’ve been given is finite.
  • Jason talks about how he decided to become a Navy SEAL.
  • Emily asked Jason what made him  keep going when he had skeptics in his life telling him he couldn’t be a SEAL.
  • Jason describes his injuries from the firefight in Iraq.
  • Thenm, Emily asks what his attitude was as he lay in the hospital bed after realizing how badly he was injured.
  • Jason describes a conversation he overheard while lying in his hospital bed.
  • Then he talks about the sign he left on his door at the hospital.
  • Next, Jason talks about mindset.
  • He ways what he’s teaching us aren’t SEAL principals they’re human principles.
  • Then Jason shares his technique for staying on course, to accomplish his goals.
  • Jason talks about his non profit and his business.
  • He trains his clients to be proactive in lead themselves to be better prepared for life’s ambushes.
  • What does Jason consider his biggest failure?
  • Jason talks about how he stepped out of victimhood and owned his mistake.
  • Finally - it’s never too late. People think they messed up too much. 
  • Time passed and they can’t go after hopes and dreams.
  • If you’re still breathing it’s not too late.
  • Not all of us get a second chance - go after what you want. DO IT!
  • Jason had regrets when he laid there dying and he doesn’t want to have regrets.


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